aficón - The upcoming series from Photo Mojo.
Photo Mojo has a sexy, but never sexual, legacy that has 
developed over the past thirty years. I want to push it up to the
next level towards nude art, and not be afraid to push the 
envelope and visual pasión. 

aficón, tells a story of a muse and her photographer. aficón 
is a passion project. Intimate Images will be taken, photos 
will be printed on metallic archival quality paper. A photo book to 
be published that includes an e-zine and finally NFTs. NFTs are digital sales.

aficón models (no more than two) will pose and at first be 
compensated for their time by receiving all edited photos (TFP). 
Models will eventually receive proceeds from any sales of this 

If you’ve stuck with me this far, thank you! I’m proud of what I’ve done with Photo Mojo so far and I’m excited about what future that aficón holds. 

This road map is not a legally binding document. The road map may evolve in response to the changing landscape.

Thank you for expressing an interest. I will get back to you soon!

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