With the style of portrait photography that I offer, you must be over the age of 18. 
Please provide a government ID with photo to verify. 

No experience? No problem! Over the course of thirty years, I have worked with amateurs and professionals alike. 
These sessions can be awkward at first and we’ll get through them together. 

Communication and punctuality are crucial for a successful portrait session. 
Please respect the model’s, makeup artist and the photographer’s time or communicate effectively. 

Get to know each other so we’ll work better together. 
Discuss expectations for the session
Up to 10 warm up shots 
Once comfort level secured - 2 to 3 more test images
Length of session (Up to 2 hours)
Photos generally ready for review within the week.  
Let’s talk about the next session!
Working with a new photographer can be awkward. Our session is created to be fun and relaxing. We’ll discuss your comfort levels before and during the session. 
If you are asked to do something you are not comfortable with, then please share this immediately. We can find a solution together through a different pose, outfit change, location, etc. Your comfort, privacy and security are just as important to me as it is to you. 
All photos are subject to your review upon your request. I will also share what I see on the screen to understand why I ask for a particular pose. If/when you see an image that you prefer I do not have, please ask me to have it removed. I will show you how to delete it yourself if you would prefer.

Photos will be posted on my website for your review. Your portfolio will be password protected and only myself, you, or others (if you share it) will be able to see them. Photos that you allow with permission will be posted on my website. 
This is an opportunity for me to showcase a body of work and hopefully gain new clients. 
Tagging, or adding your name to an image to social media will also be done with your permission. If you prefer an image to not be shared, please let me know by text or messages. A digital trail protects you and I from any misunderstanding. Again, your privacy and security is important. 

I retain all rights to the creative photos we take together. You, the model, will have access to freely use any image you see fit to share or print. I ask that when you do share an image, that you tag me in social media or credit me with my website. 
Example: “Photo Credit: PhotoMojo.info”

If you want your photos professionally printed, I will have them printed and sent directly to you at your cost, without markup costs. Again, I do this for the art of it, not to profit. 

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